A more serious leg routine

As you may have guessed, I have returned from yet another physio session but today I did a leg work out after the physio session. My leg workout is becoming more and more normal. It is practically back to the exercises I was doing post surgery (except for the weight, I still have a bit of work to do before I’m back to the same weights).

This is what my Leg routine consisted of today:

- Squats

- Leg Press

- Lunges

- Deadlifts

- Hamstring Curls

In the gym I am starting to notice an increase in the amount of weight I am able to lift. For example, last week I was doing 80kg leg press and this week I bummed it up to 100kg, no problem. Last week I was doing 35kg squats and this week I bumped it up to 50kg squats. Its nice to see the weights getting heavier and it helps keep me motivated to keep heading back to the gym!

I’m getting a lot better at the balance work on the mini-trampoline!

100kg Leg Press :)

15kg each side and a 20kg bar = 50kg squat :)

Besides the regular gym work outs, I have been doing a lot of the physio exercises given to me by Pam. These have been consisting of light jogging, cycling and small hopping and jumping exercises. They are starting to feel pretty decent but the one thing I have noticed, is I am missing a lot of my explosive power and I feel quite sluggish. It’s just another aspect of the rehab I will have to work on and I have to remember I am only 5 and a half weeks out of surgery!

Laura has been helping me every step of the way through my rehab :)

It feels nice to be able to jog again

A new one I was given is running in figure 8′s and having a ball thrown to me. Doesn’t seem like much but its quite a challenge

Over and out


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