After a nice little trip to the south coast with Laura’s family, I am back in Jindabyne and I’m doing as many activities outdoors as I can before winter hits. It looks like it may even snow this week!

Reading over my rehab protocol now, I only have 5 and a half weeks to go until I am able to get back on snow and the protocol guidelines are as follows:

- Increase total leg strength

- Develop running endurance speed, change of direction

- Advance proprioceptive

- Preparing for a return to sport and recreational lifestyle

Obviously I am still hitting the gym but I am only going 3 times a week. The reason being is that I am going on road bike rides which I can only do for a few more weeks before it gets to cold. Biking is also really good for leg strength, especially with all the hills around Jindabyne.

On top of the cycling I am also going for a short run before breakfast each morning and the distance is increasing each week. I also did my first hike with Laura. Feels nice to be pushing myself harder and harder and to feel the progress my knees/legs are making.

The longest bike ride I have been on so far has been about 40 kilometers. I am going to try and push it a little further this week ;)

The bush walk Laura and I went on yesterday was great. The knees feel really stable on uneven surfaces as well which is a huge bonus

On our walk we saw this little wallaby.

Even though its starting to get cold outside, I still want to do as much as possible before the cold weather is really here, plus I only have about two weeks left before I head to Hawaii, and I can’t take my bike there, so my time is limited to do some of the rides and hikes I want to do before I leave!

Stay tuned


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