Half way

Today is exactly 6 weeks since I had surgery on both my left and right knees which means I am exactly half way through my rehab. The difference from 6 weeks ago to today is just amazing. The recovery time on this surgery that I have¬† just had is a million times faster than the traditional surgery. If I had to have knee surgery again (fingers crossed I don’t) I would definitely opt for this surgery again.

If you were to compare the hamstring surgery I had in the past, to the Achilles surgery I have had this time around, you would have a hard time trying to pick the hamstring as the better option. I am already doing things, 6 weeks out of surgery, that I wouldn’t have been doing if I had hamstring surgery all because the Achilles graft’s are so strong! I’m running, hopping, jumping, skipping and cycling with no issues and without my knees swelling. Both of my knees feel EPIC!

This is what my knees looked like 6 weeks ago. Swollen and very sore!

And this is how I celebrated my 6 week recovery mile stone, I went for a run on the beach ;)

Due to the fact its a long weekend here in Australia, Laura, Kim, Ardy (Laura’s parents), and myself,¬† went down to the beach for 3 nights to relax. I went out on the boat today and tried my hand at some fishing. Lets just say I make a far better skier than I do fisher as it wasn’t a very successful day. It was however fun and I contemplating heading back out tomorrow!

Heading out with Ardy

Over and out from the South Coast,



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