More exercises

Just a quick update on the knees and where I am at after today’s physio session. My knees are going great and more and more exercises are being introduced.

Today I was in the squat rack for the first time, even though it was a relatively light weight it still felt good to be able to squat again. I was also cleared to do a few more exercises, even though I didn’t do them today, and I should be right to do them over the next week before my next session with my physio, Pam. The other exercises are straight legged dead lifts, jogging and after the weekend has past, road biking.

30kg Squat. Definetly not the heaviest I have done but still feels good to be squatting again.

I’m looking forward to challenging myself with these exercises and seeing the progress from where I am at today, to the end of next week!

On another note, check this out, I really really wish I could have gone to this event this year:


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