April 2014

Progress Report

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Today I had yet another physio session with Pam Climpson. Things are really starting to pick up the pace now and my knees are starting to feel relatively normal. I’m getting in and out of chairs normally, walking normally and practically sleeping normally. At this stage in the rehab you begin to focus on proprioceptive… Read more »

1 month

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The title to this blog post is pretty self explanatory, I’m one month out of surgery. If you had of told me one month ago I would be doing the things I am now in my rehab program, I would have laughed and said no way. Its crazy to see just how fast things are… Read more »


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Today I had yet another physio session. Things went pretty well except for the fact I have managed to give my self a little swelling in both knees. I know how I did it and I probably should have been a little smarter, but at the time it felt fine. Each day I have been… Read more »

Nine Knight

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After seeing all of the video and photo’s from Nine Knights, it has made me really wish that I wasn’t injured and that I was able to ski. The feature they built this year looked absolutely amazing and I wish I was able to hit it. There were so many options on the castle and… Read more »


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I know every post is about my rehab and physio but since there isn’t much going on in Jindabyne at this time of year I figured it is the best thing to write about. Plus I am super stoked every time I leave the physio. Today’s physio session went really well. Every time I go,… Read more »