May 2014

beach life

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Today Laura and I spent the morning at the beach and went to check out a shopping mall in the afternoon. Felt nice to lie in the sun all day and go for the occasional swim, even if there are a million other people here doing the same thing. Looking forward to another day in… Read more »

Diamond Head Crater Hike

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Went on a pretty sweet hike today here in Hawaii. Laura and I did the Diamond head Crater hike. I was a little worried about how my knees would handle coming back down but it was not to bad on them at all. The views from the top were absolutely amazing! Definitely going to try… Read more »


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So the first two days couldn’t have been better here in Hawaii. As soon as we checked into our hotel, we wandered down to the ocean and bumped straight into Tom and his girlfriend Steph. It literally couldn’t have worked out any better. We went and had lunch and hung out on the beach all… Read more »


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Laura and I finally made it to LA. We actually arrived in LAX at 6am the yesterday, but due to the fact Laura and I were both stupid and didn’t sleep at all on the plane, it meant that we were exhausted the whole day yesterday. We knew we had to stay awake and we… Read more »

Let the travel begin

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Its 2:45am and Laura and I are about to leave Jindabyne on our way to Hawaii. We have a two day stop over in L.A to catch up with some friends and then on Saturday we are off to Hawaii! Its going to be a long day but it will all be worth it when… Read more »