2nd day skiing

Yesterday I had my 2nd day skiing. I decided to do a solo mission up to the mountain and ski by myself since majority of my mates were hungover from the football and soccer games from the night before.

I was so keen to go and ski that it didn’t even bother me in the slightest that I would be skiing by myself. Turns out I ended up running into a few skiers I knew and had a really good time up there anyway.

I decided to test out my knees a little more and try a few tricks. I did a few 360′s of a small kicker I found and a few rail tricks as well. Everything felt pretty normal, except for the fact I feel a little sketchy just from having time off.


Switch on pretzel 270 :)

As much as I hate corrugated pipes, I still hit one.

I am so stoked I am skiing again. All we need now is a bit more snow!


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