Today was the day I finally got back on my ski’s after double ACL reconstruction. I have to be honest, on the way up the hill I had mixed feelings. I was definitely excited but I was also really nervous to see how my knees would feel.You can never fully prepare for a return to snow because no matter how much you work out in the gym, the way your kness more while clipped into ski’s is totally different. But after a few runs on snow, I found out that my knee’s felt practically normal, although it did feel weird to be skiing without a knee brace for a change.

On the way up the mountain I said to myself I would stick to the groomers and not hit any park features. That quickly went out the door for two reasons, 1. the groomer was crowded and had pretty bad snow 2. the box I hit was probably the widest box I have hit in a while.

Although I did hit the box, I kept it really really mellow. It did feel good to be back in the park again though ;) Even if it was a box!

Even with the small amount of snow perisher had, I don’t think I expected to have as much fun as I did!

My first lap on new knees felt amazing!

Little 180 at the top of front valley!

Super fun hanging out with Zac and Doodle again. Its going to be a fun winter that’s for sure!

The weather moved in pretty fast but that didn’t stop doodle from doing a flip

Hiking the MEGA PARK with Doodle

Yours truly sliding the box. I don’t think I have ever been so nervous to hit a flat box!

Super stoked I finally got back on snow and even more stoked to know all the work I did throughout the rehab payed off!

Fingers crossed it snows again soon!

Over and out from a super happy Russell!

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