powder days

It literally hasn’t stopped snowing since the last week so I have been a little preoccupied skiing. I have skied the last 8 days straight with only 1 day of park skiing in there and the rest being pow days shredding around the mountain. I don’t think I have ever seen it snow this much in Australia. The resort has literally gone from zero to hero in a week!

My knees are feeling great skiing around and I am having no problems with them what so ever. Today I gave them a really good test as I came up about 2 foot short on a 10ft gap jump we had been hitting. I landed and came to a complete stop. I sat there and did a mental check to see if I had hurt anything, and even though I was a little shocked from coming to a stop so fast, I was still in one piece and actually stoked that my knees were fine.

Getting ready for a fun day ahead

There are so many fun little rock drops around perisher

Zac sending a fun little drop

Lapped around with Tim for a while as well which was fun

This is a pretty fun little rock wallride at leichhardt

Looks like it is meant to snow again tonight so I will be back up there tomorrow trying to get some more fresh snow. Hopefully after the storms clear we will have an epic park and I can get back in there and try and do some tricks.

Over and out from an overly stoked human,


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