July 2014

back in the park

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So even though I have to try and get shots for my film project, I still need to spend time in the park and get my tricks back to where they were before surgery. I feel like I am progressing really fast and have most of my jumps tricks back. I definitely haven’t done them… Read more »

My Back Yard

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Since the last post I have been busy busy busy. As some of you may already know, since you follow me on my other social media accounts, I have been given the opportunity, thanks to Redbull Australia, to film a small mini movie about skiing in Australia. We have decided to call it ”My Backyard”…. Read more »

park park park

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Since the last post, I have had another two days in the park, and I am pretty sure they have been the best two park days I have had this season. Sunday was the last day in the park before the rebuild and it was super fun. Because of all the snow we have had… Read more »

Pow and park

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Sorry for the lack of post’s. Since my last post, my computer charger decided to die and I have only just got a new one, which means now I can get back on top of my blogging. The last few days have been epic becauseI have been skiing a lot. I had a few more… Read more »


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This last Tuesday I had a full day of jumping in the park. I started off slow and took it relatively easy with the tricks I was doing. I did a lot of 360s and 540s but towards the end of the day I was doing switch 540s and even a couple of cork 7′s…. Read more »