This last Tuesday I had a full day of jumping in the park. I started off slow and took it relatively easy with the tricks I was doing. I did a lot of 360s and 540s but towards the end of the day I was doing switch 540s and even a couple of cork 7′s. I know it sounds silly because these are tricks I have done a million times, but I don’t think I have ever been so stoked to land these tricks!

I know I keep saying it, but my knees feel amazing. I haven’t had any swelling after skiing and I am not getting any instability while skiing. The first time I had surgery my knee was swelling quite a bit after skiing so for me to not be swelling after skiing now is amazing. My legs are starting to get really tired though, because I have skied the last 10 days in a row, lucky I have a day off coming up soon ;)

Switch 5 japan

Switch 7 critical

Cork 5 tail

Then yesterday was Laura’s birthday and it was one of the funniest days I have ever had on the hill. Laura, Emma, Zac and I all hired snowblades and cruised around having fun. As much fun as the snowblades were, I think ill stick to skiing ;)

Emma and Laura sliding the fat flat box

Yours truly hitting the jump on my blades. It was so much fun!

Heading back up to perisher today to ski some more park. Fingers crossed for some more good weather!


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