My Back Yard

Since the last post I have been busy busy busy. As some of you may already know, since you follow me on my other social media accounts, I have been given the opportunity, thanks to Redbull Australia, to film a small mini movie about skiing in Australia. We have decided to call it ”My Backyard”.

I have wanted to do something like this for years but because of one reason or another, it could never happen. I am so stoked to finally have it happen and I cant wait to show you guys the finished product.

Obviously I would love to keep post’s flowing on my website, but it becomes tough when I spend 8h a day on the hill shoveling/shooting a feature. I want to keep the features relatively secret so that when the movie comes out, everyone is surprised :)

A sneak peak of one of the features we built and hit!

Heading back up the hill today for some more scouting for features I would love to do.

Over and out,


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