park park park

Since the last post, I have had another two days in the park, and I am pretty sure they have been the best two park days I have had this season. Sunday was the last day in the park before the rebuild and it was super fun. Because of all the snow we have had this season, a lot of the features had gotten a lot smaller. This meant everything was mini shred and super fun.

Then on Sunday night the park was rebuilt and we awoke on Monday to 3 super fun jumps in the park. I had only hit small jumps this season and the bottom jump was rebuilt to 50ft. Definitely not the biggest jump I have hit but it was big enough for me to get my feet back and try some tricks. I am 17 weeks post surgery and I managed to do my first double corks yesterday. If you had of asked me if I would have been doing tricks like this 17 weeks ago I probably would have said ” No way” and laughed. Its crazy how fast I am progressing and I am so stoked on the decision I made to have this type of surgery :)

This is what the park looked like on Sunday. It was so much fun :)

The new gap rail is pretty fun!

I am super stoked on the progression I am making and I cant wait to get back in the park! I am absolutely loving skiing right now.

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