Pow and park

Sorry for the lack of post’s. Since my last post, my computer charger decided to die and I have only just got a new one, which means now I can get back on top of my blogging.

The last few days have been epic becauseI have been skiing a lot. I had a few more days in the park and worked on my rail skills. Jumping with my knees feel’s fine, but on rails they still feel a little sluggish. So I have been trying to ski rails as much as possible to try and get them back to normal. I am slowly but surely starting to get my tricks back as well which is super fun. It’s like I am learning all these tricks all over again because its been so long since I did them :)

I forgot how fun flat spins are :)

Gap 270 on one of perishers new rails

Today was a little different then the last 3 or 4, instead of waking up and grabbing my park skis, I grabbed my fat skis to go ski some pow. This winter just keeps on giving and I don’t think anyone is complaining. I had the best time ripping around the resort with Dhanu and Scott. I know I keep saying it, but having my legs fixed, and being able to rip around with no hesitation, feels absolutely amazing!

I’m lovingr my Volkl One’s. The perfect ski for Australian pow!

Since I just got of the hill, I think I am going to have a stretch and the pass out.

Over and out,


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