to much going on

This last few weeks have been nuts. I have been trying to ski as much as possible, trying to get shots for the redbull clip, I’ve had Bobby and his brother Peter staying with me and to top it all off I have broken my hand.

I did manage to get a few shots on the rails in the park before I broke my hand which was nice, but since breaking it, I haven’t been able to hold poles and I feel like I want to have poles while I am shooting.

Shooting in the pole jam rail the morning I broke my hand

This is what it looks like after giving a rail a high five

So since I have had the broken hand, I have been skiing with no poles. Which isn’t so bad it just means I cant grab with my left hand. We have had a few early morning sessions in the park while Bobby and Peter were here as well which I love doing. Not only is the light epic, the park is awesome at that time of day. The landings are soft and forgiving which is really nice on the body!


The view of the park at 7am is pretty darn good!

No poles cork 5

The plan now is to keep skiing as much as possible and as soon as I can hold poles again, start filming some more for the ”My Backyard” project!

I’ll try and keep the blog happening as best I can but it gets hard to write a blog when you are doing the same things everyday!

Over and out


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