Europe – I made it

I finally made it to Europe. It was a super long journey but I think it is definitely going to be worth it. The flight over was long, but super mellow. From Melbourne to Dubai, which is the longest leg of the trip, I had a full row to myself, which meant I had a pretty decent sleep.

Once I arrived in Munich, I hung out for 2 hours and waited for Tom Wallisch to arrive. From there we went to pick up our rental car. We had booked a standard SUV for the 3 weeks in the Alps. When we got to the counter the guy informed us that he could give us a free upgrade, Tom and I looked at each other and both agreed that we would be stupid not to take. Turns out the care is an upgrade in size, but definitely not an upgrade in the functionality side of things. The car is massive and the roads around Europe are tiny. Its going to make for a pretty interesting 3 weeks of driving haha.

Tom looking over our free upgrade to what feels like a bus.

Once we got to our Accommodation in Stubai, it became a game to see how long we were able to stay awake to try and kick our jet lag. We decided to head down to Innsbruck and have dinner with my Agent and a couple of other people. It was super cool to catch up with them and it actually helped me stay awake and took my mind of sleeping.

After having a pretty bad first night sleep, Tom and I headed up the hill for our first day riding. It was super super fun, even though we were really tired. We stuck to the small park and just got our feet back. I think it was a pretty good idea, rather then getting straight into hitting the big jumps.

Tom getting ready to drop in

Its German holidays, so the lift lines are super long. Lucky for us, because we are here with the Prime park sessions, we got out own private lift line

Right now, I am about to go and get dressed and get ready for our 2nd day skiing. The weather seems like it is going to be sunny for the next few days so make sure to check back for more from Russ and Toms European Adventure.


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