The Last two Days

The last few days have been fun but also quite challenging. I think due to a mix of jet lag and also being at such a high altitude, it is talking me a little bit to try and find my feet on my ski’s. I obviously feel really tired but on top of that the altitude is making me slightly delirious throughout the day. Yesterday was overcast so we did a little bit of jumping but predominantly skied rails.

Today was perfect bluebird. It would have been the perfect day to really get into the jumping side of things, but unfortunately for me, it wasn’t meant to be. I was just not feeling right all day. I was missing my grabs and screwing up on the smallest of tricks, which was really frustrating. I ultimately decided it was better for me to chill and try and come back to the mountain tomorrow with a clear head and start over. I think if I had of kept skiing, and pushed to try and do some tricks, I would have hurt myself. And after all, I am here for 3 weeks and I have plenty of time to ski!

It’s fun to hang out with Aleks Aurdal again!

Even though it was cloudy yesterday, it was still fun to be skiing!

Today the weather was amazing. How good does that jump line look? the view isn’t to bad either ;)

Aleks tried giving Johan a high 5 while he was mid way through a cork 3. They missed it this go but the next lap they absolutely killed it

Its awesome to see Tom crushing it on the jumps again!

This weekend is meant to be ridiculously busy. It is holidays here in Europe which the means the mountain is going to be packed with tourists. I think we are going to try and get to the mountain early and ski for a few hours before it gets out of control. Lets hope I ski a little better tomorrow!

Check back for more from the Prime Park Sessions over the next few days!


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