November 2014

My Backyard

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As you may be aware already, this season I was given the opportunity to do some filming. The video below is the result and I am really hoping everyone enjoys the clip!

bags are packed

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Unfortunately my time in Austria has come to an end. I have been here 3 weeks and although the weather hasn’t been awesome I still had an awesome time here skiing and hanging out with friends. There was definitely a few tricks I would have liked to have had under my belt after leaving here,… Read more »


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As you may have guessed, the weather has been horrible the last two days. Yesterday we had a little skate session and today we have been watching tv all day. Since we have finished Homeland we decided to start watching Entourage. I had seen a couple of episodes of season 1 but never watch the… Read more »

Finally skiing

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I have been lucky enough to ski the last 2 days. Yesterday it was bluebird for about 2 hours and then the clouds began to roll in. It was a pretty late start as pretty much the entire mountain was covered in fog until about 11.30. We didn’t end up getting to the mountain until… Read more »

Downday activites + ski testing

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So as you may have guessed, we still haven’t had any luck here in Stubai with the weather. Everyday has been just as bad and it looks like tomorrow (Friday) could be our only chance to ride before I head home on Monday. Since skiing hasn’t really been an option, we have had to come… Read more »