the last few days

No much has really been happening here in Jindabyne over the last few days. I have been trying to sort out the smaller details for the trip i.e booking flights, looking into accommodation and also trying to figure out where to go over Christmas. I’ve also been trying to make some pretty hard decisions. I think I have made my mind up but I can’t tell you guys what the dilemma is just yet.

Yesterday I decided to get back on the bike and do some last minute training before flying out on Sunday. I think I am going to try and get a few more rides in before I leave as well (if the weather permits), as it was super nice yesterday and although it was hard work, it was also kind of therapeutic.

I rode out to Dalgety yesterday. Which is about a 35km ride

I was actually really stoked on my ride yesterday. I have done this one a few times since I first had surgery on my knees and I think the last time I did this specific ride it took me 2 hours. Yesterday however, it only took me 1h 25 minutes. Its pretty cool to see how far you have progressed since surgery and to know how much stronger the legs are now compared to then!

Going to get some breakfast and figure out where I will ride to today!


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