December 2014


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2014 has been a year I will never forget. I’ve had dreams come true and things happened that I never in my wildest dreams thought would have happened to me. I think I would split my year in to two fazes: The Olympics and surgery/recovery. The Olympics I’d say the Olympics consumed my life for… Read more »

Best day yet

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Today was definitely the best day I’ve had in the parks yet. The jumps were on point, the sun was out and everyone was trying tricks. I rode all day with Charles Beckinsale and Spencer O’brien and I had the best day jumping I’ve had since I have been here in Whistler. I told you yesterday… Read more »


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Well yesterday I did go skiing but didn’t feel like writing a blog about it. The reason being was I had a horrible day on my ski’s. I just wasn’t feeling good and couldn’t land anything properly. So I basically came home and watched Suits for the remainder of the afternoon. Today however was much… Read more »

Good Weather

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I’m pretty sure every time I have been to Whistler, the bad weather days have far out weighed the good weather days. This time however, it seems the bad weather days are far and few between. I just had a look at the forecast and it looks like we are going to have cracking weather… Read more »

A day in the park

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Yesterday was another amazing day up on the hill. It was sunny once again and the park was super fun. I had Laura follow me around with a camera so that we could try and make a little edit of the park and show you what we have been up to. Its definitely not the… Read more »