Best day yet

Today was definitely the best day I’ve had in the parks yet. The jumps were on point, the sun was out and everyone was trying tricks. I rode all day with Charles Beckinsale and Spencer O’brien and I had the best day jumping I’ve had since I have been here in Whistler. I told you yesterday how I was struggling to push myself because I didn’t really have any other skiers here to ride with, but today I some how pushed through that and landed some tricks on the jumps. I had a goal when I left the house and there is no better feeling than to be riding down the hill at the end of the day, knowing you accomplished what you set out to do.

Today has really made my decision, on whether I should stay or go back to Colorado, a lot harder. I felt like I had a solid day jumping and if I can get more of those under my belt it would definitely be worth staying, but if the weather some how turns bad, I will be kicking myself for not going back to Colorado. I’ll have to make a decision on what I should do in the next day or so because I leave on Friday.

The view from the top ain’t bad. The jumps are epic

Charles sending a front 360 on the 2nd jump

Yours truly mid cork 5 Cuban on the 2nd jump

Mid cork 7 truck on the smaller jump at the bottom of the park

After an epic day on the hill we decided to celebrate Amy’s (Laura’s sister) 30th birthday by heading to the Scandanav Spa. It was the perfect way to relax and get the body recovered for round two on the jumps tomorrow! If you’re ever in Whistler, I highly recommend checking this place out!

Hot pools, Cold pools, Saunas and Steam rooms are what is on offer here and it is well worth it

Right now we are off to grab some sushi for dinner and relax a little before another day in paradise!


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