Well yesterday I did go skiing but didn’t feel like writing a blog about it. The reason being was I had a horrible day on my ski’s. I just wasn’t feeling good and couldn’t land anything properly. So I basically came home and watched Suits for the remainder of the afternoon.

Today however was much better.  I spent the day riding with Spencer O’brien and it was super fun, even though it was absolutely freezing. It was a high of -19 which is pretty damn cold. I was skiing better than yesterday but it was so cold it was hard to get my body moving when I first got there. It was also a little breezy today which meant the speed was a little inconsistent. One run you would go massive and the next run you would land at the top of the landing. Even though it was hard to judge speed it was still pretty fun to be jumping.

I am really struggling to figure out what I should do in regards to staying here or going back to Colorado. I honestly think the parks here are better but its hard to motivate yourself to try tricks when you are the only skier in the park. I know this sounds stupid, but I seem to get a lot more done on snow when I am riding with other skiers. I feed off of them throughout the day and when I see them do a cool trick, it makes me what to do something just as cool. Maybe I will see if I can try and convince someone to come up to whistler for a few weeks in JAN rather than going back to Colorado?

Going to stretch and try to warm up after such a cold day on the hill,


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