Good Weather

I’m pretty sure every time I have been to Whistler, the bad weather days have far out weighed the good weather days. This time however, it seems the bad weather days are far and few between. I just had a look at the forecast and it looks like we are going to have cracking weather for the next week :) Although, it is meant to be super cold tomorrow which seems to be the only downfall I can find with having clear skies!

On top of the good weather we are meant to be having, Charles has been busy building up in the park, and sent me a photo of one of his creations. He has built jump number 2 in the XL line and it looks like an epic jump.

Right now I am scheduled to fly back to Colorado on the 2nd. But I think I am going to keep a close eye on what the weather is forecast to do. Because the jumps up here in Whistler are better than what was in Colorado when I left and I also don’t want to fly back and try and ski if there is bad weather in the forecast for Keystone/Breckenridge. If it looks like its bad there and is going to be good here, I might change my flight and stay an extra week!

Right now I am going to get ready to go and test out the jump and have some fun!


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