Park city shred

So since I am such an idiot, and I didn’t buy a epic pass, (I got the summit value pass which works for Breck and Keystone) I had to buy day tickets for Laura and I. Even though it was expensive it was definitely worth it as the park here in Park City is so much fun. They don’t have the big line up due to a lack of snow, but the smaller park which is jam packed with rails and has two jumps, is so much fun.

Laura and Steph went off and explored the mountain and Tom and I cruised around through the park with a bunch of other skiers. They have built an elbow bowl feature in the park which is skate inspired and redirects you into the lower rail line. The bowl feature is hands down my favorite feature up there.

It is super warm here in Park City and today felt like we were spring skiing. It was super hot and slushy and the sun was kind of in and out all day. I haven’t been here in 3 years and I forgot how much fun this place is. I definitely need to plan to spend some more time here in the future.

This is the lower part of the park and it is full of rails.

This two jump line leads into the bowl and then into the lower rail section pictured above.

Tom on jump 2 in the park

Tom on the flat down

Niklas Eriksson on the flat down

Tom airing off the pole jam into the bowl feature.

I think we are planning on another day here in Park City tomorrow before getting on the road again to Las Vegas. I’m not sure if I’ll ski as it started raining a little this afternoon and if it is raining tomorrow, I am definitely not buying a day pass.

Time for some dinner and an early night as I am exhausted,


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