Rest Day

So yesterday we took the day off from skiing. We woke up to rain and decided skiing in the rain wasn’t the best Idea. We spent the morning chilling and then in the afternoon we did something super super fun. We went Swiss Bobbing. Whats Swiss Bobbing you ask? its kind of a mix between tobogganing and sledding. They are little plastic sled type things that you sit on and make your way down a hill.

Myself, Laura, Tom, Steph and a couple of Stephs friends hiked a hill and on the way up all I kept seeing was crazy bumps and jumps and I thought I was for sure going to have a sore back when we got to the bottom. The track itself is just a hiking trail and with the way the snow has fallen and I guess from people swiss bobbing, the track has been worn in and is kind of like a luge track.  It was a helluva lot of fun and I would definitely recommend it to people.

The View from the top of our hike was epic.

Laura and I with our Swiss bobs

Today we are going to pack our bags and start the next leg of the road trip to Las Vegas. Laura and I have 3 nights there before heading up to Mammoth for the Grand Prix. I’m really looking forward to chilling a little because as soon as this little break we are having is done, the season kicks into full speed.

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