Road Trip Part 1

So as I mentioned yesterday, we embarked on a road trip to the West Coast of the USA from Colorado. The first leg of the trip was from Frisco to Park City with a detour to the Arches National Park.

The trip itself was pretty easy and the landscapes you drive through are pretty unreal. It almost feels like you are driving on the moon or something out of this planet. It was completely different to anything I have done before.

Mid way through the trip we made the detour to Arches National park and it was 100% worth the time. The park is located in eastern Utah and is famous for containing over 2000 natural sandstone arches. We were absolutely blown away by the landscape and felt like we were walking through a set from a cow boys and Indians movie. I would 100% recommend anyone checking out the Arches National Park.

After checking out the park we continued the trip to Park City. We are staying with Tom Wallisch and Steph Osborn for the next couple of days before stating the 2nd leg of our road trip. Hopefully the weather stays as nice as it was yesterday because I am super keen to ski Park City resort. It’s been almost 3 years since I was last here riding.


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