X games vs World Champs.

So as some of you may or may not know, the X games and the World Championships are on at the exact same time this year. Obviously the Xgames are being held in Aspen and the World Championships are being held in Kreischberg, Austria. Don’t ask me why two of the biggest events are scheduled at the same time, but they are.

Since finding out the events are both at the same time, I have been loosing sleep trying to figure out which event I wanted to do. Both events are super important to me so making the decision definitely wasn’t easy.

Almost every year the Xgames is the pinnacle event for an action sports athlete. Its the event everyone strives to be a part of. Partly because the event is invite only, partly because the course is so good, and because the level of competition is so high that it pushes you to be a better athlete. In saying this, the last two years I have attended the Xgames, I have hurt myself. In 2013 I tore my right ACL and in 2014 I tore my left ACL.

I see the world Championships as being just important. For several reasons. Every man and his dog knows what the World Championship’s are and I’d be willing to bet even my Grandparents know what it is without me giving them any prompting. I also think the course is going to be really well built as well. If you go off the Olympics and the previous World Championship events that have been held, the course’s are built really well and you see some pretty crazy runs. Another reason I think it is just as important is because I am Australian. As some of you may know, I raced when I was younger and I always wanted to represent my country on a world stage. So to be able to have the opportunity to do that and show them what our sport is all about, is a pretty damn cool if you ask me.

As I said, the decision definitely wasn’t an easy one. But ultimately I had to decided and I think I have made the right choice. I have decided to head over and compete at the World Championships.  The fact I hurt myself the last two years at the Xgames definitely swayed my decision to go to the world champs a little but also the fact that I get to represent my country in an event that seems to have a much broader audience than just the action sports world. People who aren’t even involved in snow sports or cant seem to get there head around what freeskiing even is, know about the world championships!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the Xgames doesn’t have a huge audience. It has one of the biggest reaches in the world in terms of viewers at the venue, on the tv and watching the online stream. The exposure you get from Xgames is almost incomprehensible. All I am saying is the audience demographic is different and to be able to share our sport with people that may or may not know what freeskiing is, seems pretty cool to me.

3rd place at the 2011 World Champs in Park City Utah

6 weeks after tearing my right ACL, I was at my first event back since surgery, the 2013 World Championships in Voss, Norway. I ended up in 15, which I was pretty stoked on since I hadn’t skied since the crash and because I was skiing without an ACL.

Obviously I am a frustrated that I have to miss the Xgames and I never thought I would have to choose between this and another event, but in saying that, I am super stoked about this new adventure. I can’t wait to get over to Austria and compete alongside the rest of the Australian team. I didn’t get to watch any other events live while in Sochi because of the knee problems I was having, so maybe this time around I’ll get to watch some other sports and cheer on some Aussies.

I am scheduled to fly out of Denver on Wednesday and I’ll be in Austria for 8 days. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on the course, the event and the whole adventure in General.

Right now I am going to try and get a bit more skiing in before I leave. I have today and tomorrow to get some last minute skiing in and it looks like the weather, once again, isn’t going to cooperate. Its snowing pretty hard here at the house and I think it is meant to do the same tomorrow.

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