Back in the USA

Laura and I are back in the USA and we are in L.A. The flight over from Geneva was pretty mellow. It was actually quite nice to just sit and do nothing for a day after all the hecticness that had been going on over the past 2 weeks.

The next event for me is the Park City Grand Prix. The reason I am flying through L.A and spending a day here before flying to Salt Lake is because I picked up a new helmet from the Redbull office in Santa Monica.

I decided to get myself a Giro helmet this time around purely to mix it up a little from the past 3 years. Same design but a different helmet. Thank you Redbull for being so rad and giving me such an epic custom helmet. What do you guys think?

Tomorrow Laura and I are heading to Salt Lake city and then up to Park City for the grand prix. Looking forward to skiing park city again. I have heard they don’t have too much snow, so hopefully they can put together a good course.

Time to hit the hay


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