Grand Prix Training day 2

Well I discovered yesterday, that riding this course is a lot like gambling. Some times you win and sometimes you loose. Yesterday we had training from 10 until 12 and I seemed to be on a bit of a winning streak. The run I had planned the day before is still in the cards, but I also figured out some other tricks I wanted to do just in case. I was feeling really good but the streak I was having came to an end pretty fast.

The last jump is where most of the gambling on the course happens. You never know if you are going big or you are going small. Sometimes you will land your trick in the sweet spot and it feels awesome and then other times you don’t. Yesterday I found out what it felt like to land 1m short on the jump, half way between 1080 and 1260. I had done a right double cork 12 on the bottom jump earlier in the day and had landed it fine. I was pretty scared to try it in the first place because of how the jump was riding and after landing it once, I wanted to do it again just to take the nerves of doing the trick on this jump away. I’m not sure what happened as I went into the jump with the same amount of speed as every other time I have hit it. It might have been a gust of wind, the slush on the take off or due to the sun coming out since I had last done it causing the snow to slow down. Whatever it was it caused me to under rotate the trick and I caught both my skis on the knuckle causing me to back slap into the landing.

The good news is I feel fine. I didn’t hit my head, but I think because I was tensing so hard to prevent that, I have a bit of a sore neck this morning. It kind of feels like whip lash but not as bad. Today’s plan is to rest and look after the neck before qualifiers tomorrow. Hopefully it gets a little better for the event.

Here are a few tricks from training yesterday. Thanks for filming Duncan!

The bad news is, the weather looks like it’s going to be really bad for qualifiers and finals. It looks like 45 – 50km an hour winds for qualifiers and rain and wind for finals. Definitely not the ideal weather conditions for a competition. If it is sketchy, I may pull out of the event. I have had enough injuries to know that its not worth hurting yourself and I know I’d rather be fit and healthy to ski another day than sit on a couch for months on end healing after making a bad decision.

Time to rest and take care of the neck,


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