Light Years better….

Today was the 2nd day of training here in Park City and it was light years better today than yesterday. I guess the park crew took the feedback from the athletes and gave the jumps a lot of love and got them to a point where we could actually do tricks. Although it was icy, which meant there was still a decent amount of impact on the landings, the jumps worked much better.

I managed to do my tricks on the jumps which was no easy feat as I was kind of scared with how icy it was. I’m feeling reasonably confident with the run I have figured out but I have only done it once or twice. Which I think for me is pretty smart. I know I have done the run, which is comforting, but I think its smart to not push it too far when the course is this icy.

It looks like the weather is meant to roll in for Thursday and Friday which is exactly when qualifiers and finals are. Definitely not ideal but there is obviously nothing we can do about it.

Day off tomorrow and I can’t wait to relax and rest the body. I feel like I haven’t stopped over the past month so rest days are very important to me right now.

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