February 2015

Redbull Playstreets Qualification and Finals

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Today was the big day and what a day it was. Training started at 2pm and we had training for 1h and 30mins before the qualification started. Training for me went really well. As I said yesterday, I skipped the majority of training because I felt like a zombie. Today in training I managed to… Read more »

Redbull Playstreets Training

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Well yesterday was a complete blur. We Left Val D’Isere at 2am and arrived in Bad Gastein for the Redbull Playstreets at about 1pm in the afternoon. I was absolutely beat from the travel and the small amount of sleep we had (maybe 2h over the night) so as soon as we arrived, I jumped… Read more »

Frostgun Finals

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So the finals have literally just finished here at Frostgun and I have mixed emotions. I’m bummed I didn’t make finals but I am also stoked I landed a new trick (even if it wasn’t the prettiest). Considering it is my first big air event in almost two years, I am stoked I could do… Read more »

Frostgun training day 2

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Today was the 2nd day here in France for the Frostgun and today we had two training sessions on the kicker. One was during the day and the other at night. The session during the day was a short one as we only got to hit the jump maybe 5 times. I was super frustrated… Read more »

The Frostgun Jump is Massive

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We just finished with our first practice session for the Frostgun big air and the jump is HUGE. I was feeling really jet lagged and felt like I had noodles for legs so training for me was pretty damn mellow. I figured out the speed and just tried to get comfortable with the jump. It… Read more »