Park City Grand Prix day 1

Today was the first day of practice here in Park city for the Grand Prix. I have been seeing photo’s on Instagram and Facebook for the last month showing how warm and slushy it was here in Park City. Today how ever was freezing and the snow was bullet proof which definitely wasn’t nice on the body. I was really looking forward to riding a slushy park but I guess it’s just not meant to be.

The course is pretty sick but definitely needs some love from the park crew and groomers to get it riding well. The rails in the course are super sick and I really like them, but the jumps however are really bad. I’ve got to give it to Park City for being able to even put a course together considering how little snow they have, but the jumps really need to change. They’re super flat take offs, flat landings and you have to hit them super fast. I think if the landings are winched up higher and the takeoff’s get some pop added to them they will work fine.

I managed to figure out a run on the rails but decided not to do anything on the jumps. From what I could gather at the top of the course, the jumps are being tweaked tonight so they will be completely different tomorrow. Not much point in doing tricks if they are going to change. After figuring out the rails I went back to the public park and cruised there for a few runs before calling it a day.

Tomorrow we have training early in the morning which is going to be FREEZING. Hopefully the jumps are way better tomorrow so I can do some tricks :)

View of the rails from the top. As you can see from the background, there is no snow here in Park City

Tom with a flat 5 on the first jump

Tom, switch 5 on the 2nd jump

Messing around in the public park this afternoon

Time for a stretch and to relax for the afternoon,


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