Salt Lake City – Geneva

Yesterday I went up to the hill and watch the Men’s and Woman’s Slopestyle final. The event actually got some really good weather which meant for a super good show from all the athletes. There were a few questionable judging moments but I think in the end they got the podium 100% right. Congrats to everyone who skied yesterday!

Right now it’s time for Laura and I to head to Salt Lake City and jump on another flight. Believe it or not we are flying back to Geneva and then heading to France for the next stop of the SFR tour. I think I am starting to become a little run down as I have woken up with a blocked nose and a clogged head (feels like I have a bowling ball in there if that makes any sense). I’m going to have to try and sort this out as fast as I can as we have training the day after we arrive which is immediately followed by qualifiers and finals.

Not the best timing to start feeling like this but I guess it’s expected when you are on the road as much as I am.

Time to fly,



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