Tough day on the hill

To say today was a hard day in the office would be an understatement. I was in heat 1 for the event today and we seemed to have the worst weather of the event. It was dumping snow and speed was a real issue. I struggled with speed in training finding it hard to clear the jumps and I was sticking on all of the rails because of the fresh wet snow that was falling from the sky. The rails were like sliding sand paper and made it hard to do any tricks.

Run 1 for me was super scary because I changed what I was doing on the jumps mid way through my run. I landed my top rail but came of a little early on the next rail. It was a small mistake and I knew I would loose a few points for it but I decided to keep going with my run as I didn’t think I would loose too many points if I managed to stick the remainder of my run.

The plan was to do a left dub 10 into a right dub 12 but coming into the first jump, I just didn’t feel like I had the right speed for the dub so I opted to do a right 9, which then put me switch into the next jump. I haven’t hit the jump switch the entire time I have been here and I went for a switch dub 9. Luckily I landed but since it was the first one I had done and it wasn’t the cleanest, I knew it wasn’t going to cut it.

I knew I had to land my 2nd run in order to qualify into tomorrows finals. But with the snow falling harder and harder as the 2nd run went on, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. The 5 people who dropped before me all came up short on the jumps which made me super nervous as I didn’t want to knuckle and hurt myself.

I managed to landed all the rails clean and came into the 1st jump with more speed than I expected, so I did a left dub 10 on the first jump and put it to my feet. It all came down to the last jump, a right dub 12. I thought I was going to go pretty big as I felt like I had a lot of speed, but in the flat bottom of the jump and on the take off I soon realised I didn’t have as much as I thought. I did the right 12 and didn’t have enough airtime and slide out on my side.

It frustrating not landing your run but I think it would be more frustrating if it was sunny and I had of crashed. It seems like we are having no luck with events this year with weather. There has only been 1 or 2 events with solid weather and the rest have been super sketchy.

Watching heat 2 at the bottom with Tiril. Bobby slayed it and made it through to tomorrows finals.

So all in all I am obviously bummed I couldn’t land my run but I am really stoked I am healthy. It’s a tough pill to swallow when you crash but this is the way the sport goes, especially when its snowing more than Utah has seen all season ;)

Going to watch the finals tomorrow and then Laura and I are heading back to Europe on Saturday.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on finals,


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