Training day 2 – Vars

Today the weather was unreal. The sun was out, it was warm and the park was super fun. Training started at 11.30 and we had 1.5h to try and figure out a run. 1.5 hours equates to about 6 runs so we definitely didn’t have long. I was on a mission to get my tricks sorted as I knew I wouldn’t have much time.

Instead of doing my run top to bottom, I did each trick once or twice and then moved onto the next section of the course and figured out my tricks there. I had to change my run up a little as the jumps aren’t quite as big as I would like them for certain tricks. I managed to get all the tricks I want in my run but non of them were as clean as I would of liked them, but considering we didn’t have a lot of time, I am pretty happy with the way today went.

Tomorrow we have qualifiers so hopefully I can get the run I have in mind dialed during the training session before the event. I think we have 40 minutes training tomorrow so it should be enough time to try and get the tricks sorted!

Time to look after the body and get ready for tomorrow.


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