Being a tourist

Yesterday was our first day of being tourist’s here in Pairs and it was epic. We have decided not to rush while we are here as we seem to try and fit to much into a day when ever we are on a holiday. So this time we are taking out time and relaxing a lot more.

After breakfast we strolled down to the Eiffel tower to check it out. The line for the elevator to the top was massive, so being the athletes we are, we decided to take the stairs. I think we climbed up and down a total of 2000 stairs yesterday but it was 100% worth it.

After climbing the Eiffel tower we sat in the park below, ate a baguette and then made our way back to the hotel before heading to a show last night. We went to see the Moulin Rouge and it was unreal.

All in all our first day was unreal. We had awesome food, awesome drinks and a lot of good times so I’m looking forward to seeing what the next few days bring!

Time to explore again,


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