Day 2 – Legs Of Steel Shoot

We had another massive day on the hill today with a morning session and an afternoon session as well. The morning session for me was pretty mellow. I think I hit the jump 4 or 5 times and then decided to wait until the afternoon for the better light.

The afternoon session went pretty well for me. I landed a couple of tricks I was stoked on so hopefully the shots turn out great. I took it pretty mellow with some 5′s, 7′s and 9′s on the jump. This jumps is really fun but it does take a little getting used to though. I think the more I hit it with smaller tricks the better I will be later in the shoot with some bigger tricks! (That’s the plan anyway :) )

Such a beautiful spot for a jump

Backcountry cat laps!

Oscar Scherlin mid switch 5

Cork 7 truck by yours truly

Flat 5 to end the day!

Tomorrow there is a morning and afternoon session planned for the jump. I think I am going to skip the morning shoot as I still have another 3 or 4 days here and i feel like a bit of a sleep in and some rest is a good idea. I am still planning on heading over for the afternoon session and hopefully getting some shots. Maybe I’ll try a view different tricks tomorrow.

Time for some food and to rest.


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