Day 3 – Legs Of Steel Shoot

Today was epic. I decided to miss the morning session and save my energy for the afternoon and I think I made the right call. I got over to the jump at about 1pm and chilled in the sun before a huge session on the jump.

We started riding at about 2pm and didn’t stop until the light left the landing, which is at about 5pm. I had so much fun today and I think I got quite a few shot’s. I have been kind of nervous to hit the jump switch, which is silly because I have hit jumps switch a million times. But because of how fast you are going into the jump, all I could think of was PK’s crash in Whistelr a few years back when he caught an edge and went down hard. It took a little to put that thought out of my head and I ended up giving it a go and everything was fine. It was actually really fun hitting it switch.

I think the jump will be a little different tomorrow. We had a short discussion to the shapers before we left and we are going to add a little more pop to the kicker which I think will work nicely. Hopefully tomorrow we will have a little more hang time!

Everyone killed it today and I think everyone got banger shots. I’m so stoked to be here and to be part of such a sick shoot. Hopefully I can do some more of these later in the season because filming is probably the most fun part of what I do. I love it :)

The crew getting ready to drop

Mid way through a switch 5

Oscar mid switch 9. I think he went massive on this trick

Ending the day with a right 5 tail

Going to grab some dinner and check out some of the footage.

Over and out,


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