European Freeski Open – Semi Finals

Today was the first day of competition here in Laax. After spending all day resting yesterday, I was feeling refreshed and good to go today. On the way up the hill though, Elias’s filmer fell. He was on his way to the next chair and broke is arm badly. I skied past and kind of laughed because I thought it was a pretty mellow crash, and then I looked at his arm and it was bent at a right angle in the opposite direction it was meant to be.

I stayed for as long as possible to try and help but there wasn’t much I could do, so I left it to the experts and went up to start training. He has already had surgery and things are looking good for him. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery.

I felt physically sick after seeing his arm like that and that is definitely not how you want to feel going into training. It took me a few runs to get it out of my head but once I did I managed to get some solid training under my belt. I dialed in the speed for the jumps and landed my run.

On my first run I screwed up on the dub 10 a little and only touched the grab. Which definitely wasn’t bad, but I knew I was going to get deducted by the judges, which I was, and is fair enough.

Coming into the 2nd run I was sitting in 13th and they take top 10 to the finals. I knew I had to land and the pressure was on, otherwise my time at the European Open would come to and end. I landed my fun top to bottom and I was stoked. The only thing I would of liked better in my run was some more amplitude on the last jump. It was sunny and warm again which meant for slushy slow snow. I had to straight line into the jump, which felt weird as I was doing to speed checks in training.

I ended up In 6th when it was all done and dusted which I am stoked with. I know what I need to improve on and hopefully I can make that happen tomorrow.

Here is a quick look at the course we have here this year:

We have 4 jumps in the course and I think they might be the best jumps we have had all season.

Before the jumps we have 2 rail options. The first is a bonk or an flat rail.

The 2nd option is a down tube, a flat down waterfall or a gap to down rail

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