European Open Finals

Well the weather didn’t stay as nice as it had been over the course of the week. We woke up this morning to super flat light and as we were walking to the gondola the rain in the village started, which meant it was more than likely snowing up at the course.

Training was horrible for everyone. The fog was rolling in and out, it was snowing, it was super flat light and the speed was super inconsistent. Needless to say, we all took it pretty easy in training. My grand plans of changing my run was thrown right out the window with how sketchy the weather was. So I decided to try and at least do the run I did in Qualifying. The only thing I changed was instead of front 450 out of the up rail, I did a 270 on 450 out.

My first run was going super well, I landed everything and then I got to the bottom jump and went for the right dub 12. I can’t remember the last time this happened to me, but I got lost in the air I think because of the flat light. I remember grabbing my knees and hoping I didn’t eat to much shit. I ended up landing on my side and sliding down the whole entire landing into the finish.

2nd run I just wanted to land but I was super nervous at the top purely because it was sketchy and I really didn’t want to hurt myself. I ended up putting my run down and after the 2nd run I was sitting in 2nd behind Oystein.

On the 3rd run, I got bummed down to 3rd after Jossi took the lead with a sick run. I knew I had to try and stick my run to try and improve my score. I was kind of rushing in the start gate, doing my boots up and getting ready to drop and all of a sudden the sent me. I forgot to clip my pole onto my glove and when I went for the switch dub 9 I dropped it on the landing. I decided not to continue my run as it was so sketchy outside and I figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

Noah wallace cam down immediately after me and put down a run and ended up bumping me to 4th.

I’m obviously stoked that I got 4th, and more importantly I’m stoked everyone is healthy after skiing in sub par conditions. But as many of you know, being in 4th is a bitter sweet position. Its nice to finish as high as I did, but also really frustrating to be just outside of the podium.

Congrats to top 3:

1st Jossi Wells,

2nd Noah Wallace

3rd Oystein Braten

This was the weather we were dealing with during training

Putting some edge on my ski. The course was so icy this morning that I definitely need it. Thanks Volkl

Right 5 tail during training

Cork 7 Nose during training

Mid switch dub 9. Doing doubles when the light is bad is never fun. I think all my tricks were of feeling today because I couldn’t see anything haha

Next stop for Laura and I is a night in Geneva, then 2 nights in New York before heading to the Dumont Cup. Only 3 more events left this season and the last few seem like they are going to be super fun!

Over and out,


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