March 2015


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Yesterday Laura and I traveled from La Clusaz to Zurs Austria for a Legs of Steel park shoot. The trip was relatively easy. We got a ride with the Swiss Freeski team to Bern, Switzerland, and then a train from there to Zurs. It was kind of nice to take the train and see some… Read more »

SFR qualifiers and finals.

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So as I mentioned in yesterdays post, today they decided to run everything with qualifiers and finals all happening. The weather was meant to be the best today and it was actually unreal, with sun and hardly any wind (it progressively got windier as the day went on) and it made for an awesome event…. Read more »

Training ended up happening

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Well training ended up going ahead and it was definitely sub par conditions. The course it’s self is pretty fun (except for the first jump, but I’ll talk about that later) but due to the weather conditions we had today it made it really hard to get anything done. During training today we had wind,… Read more »


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So Laura and I have made it to a pretty depressing and miserable France. I was stressed about making it on time as we had training the day we arrived and again today for the event. A super tight schedule but in the end it didn’t matter as we didn’t train yesterday because of heavy… Read more »