Pick Your Battles

As you may have seen from the results from the Dumont Cup, I finished in 23rd. My run consisted of a switch 540, a cork 720 and a right side 540. You may be wondering why I didn’t do any doubles? Well the simple answer is you need to know when to risk it and when not to.

Yesterday just wasn’t agreeing with me, and also with a lot of the other invited athletes (only 3 of the 10 made it through to the finals). It had become quite cold, and because of the rain we had the night before, the snow had turned to ice. I was already struggling with the impact on the landings with my knees when it was soft, so the ice didn’t help at all. I’m only 1 year out of surgery so even if I feel 100% things like this remind me that my body still isn’t. On top of that it was also breezy and flat light which wasn’t ideal to be hitting 70ft step down jumps.

I spent all of training trying to mentally prepare to do tricks on these jumps and in the end I came to the conclusion that I was not even remotely comfortable trying tricks. Some people might call me a pussy, or say I’m scared, but when you have been through injuries like I have, you see the big picture and realize there is still a lot more to do rather than push it at one single event.

Obviously I am bummed as I really wanted to do well here. I came of the hill frustrated but I have to keep telling myself I’m in one piece and that I’m glad I didn’t push myself  in the sketchy conditions.

Congrats to the guys that laid it down:

1st: Bobby Brown

2nd: Teal Harle

3rd: James Woods

We just can’t seem to catch a break with the weather this year at any of the events I have been to. I can only think of 3 events were we have had good weather, and event then, the weather was super bad for training. It kind of sucks because it feels like this year has been more about surviving that putting down the best run you possibly can.

Today Laura and I are driving down to Boston and then tomorrow we have a super early flight to Vancouver. Looking forward to the last couple of events this year and I am really hoping the weather cooperates and we get some sunshine for once!

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