The Dumont Cup

The last two days Laura and I have been chilling up here in Sunday River Maine for the Dumont Cup. The last two days we have had training and tomorrow is the big day.

The first two days of training have been pretty average for me. The jumps are massive and the impact on the landings are quite high which isn’t awesome for my knees. I have dialed in the speed but I haven’t done any tricks (a couple of switch 5′s and a couple of 720′s) on the jumps yet as I figure I am better off to save my body and make sure I feel good tomorrow rather than do the tricks and go into the competition feeling beat up and sore.

Unfortunately we had a little rain last night so that really affected the course today. The rain caused even more pop on the jumps and it literally felt like you were going to the moon. Hopefully it can be fixed a before the comp tomorrow.

I think I have figured out a run I would like to do but I am not sure what it is going to be like tomorrow on the hill. The forecast is calling for a drop in temperatures, which means after the rain we had last night, its likely to be quite icy tomorrow. Hopefully it isn’t too bad because I am super stoked to ski here as it’s my first time at the Dumont Cup. I guess the weather and snow conditions tomorrow are really going to dictate what I do for a run!

This is the view from the top of the course. Two rail options followed by 3 jumps.

Chris Laker mid Cork 3 on jump two while Joss Christensen cheers him on!

A cork 7 nose from training today!

Time to grab some food and rest before tomorrow,


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