Training ended up happening

Well training ended up going ahead and it was definitely sub par conditions. The course it’s self is pretty fun (except for the first jump, but I’ll talk about that later) but due to the weather conditions we had today it made it really hard to get anything done.

During training today we had wind, rain, snow, sun, slush and fog. It seemed like every weather condition that could possibly happen, happened today during training. Which, as you can imagine, made it pretty dang hard to try and get anything done. I managed to figure out roughly what I am doing on the rails and I know roughly what I am going to do on the jumps, even if I only hit the jumps twice.

The course is pretty fun and I do actually really like it. The last two jumps and the rails are fun and I like how creative you can be on the 2nd rail feature. However, the first jump really bugs me. It looks like they have run out of snow and due to that they haven’t been able to build the first jump as good as it needs to be. It has a super super flat landing and a super poppy take off. I think if the take off wasn’t there you wouldn’t know that the landing was meant to be a landing (Hopefully that gives you an idea of how flat it is). Because of this it is actually really painful on my knees to hit the jump. It would have been far better to have the two jumps at the bottom and add another rail feature into the course where the first jump is instead of trying for 3 jumps. But its to late now and it’s not going to change so I will have to try and figure something out on the first jump and I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do.

Due to the weather, it looks like everything is going to run tomorrow. Qualification and finals all at once. Which I don’t mind as it means everything gets done in one day rather than dragging it out and potentially having bad weather for Wednesday. I’m not sure what I am going to do on the first jump but I will think long and hard tonight and try to figure something out that I think I am capable of doing.

Here are some photos of the course:

The first rail option is either a down rail or a down flat down/flat up flat (depends how you look at it)
Following that is the first jump. As you can see it isn’t huge and unfortunately I didn’t get a shot showing how flat the landing is
Following the first jump is the next rail section and it has a hell of a lot of options. 
Then come the last two jumps. Unfortunately I only got a shot of one jump, but you get the idea ;)
I’m really hoping the weather cooperates tomorrow and the course works well as I am getting really tired of trying to do tricks in sub par conditions. The chance of hurting yourself is so much higher when its shitty weather and I am not looking to hurt myself again!
Time to get some sleep

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