JOI finals

Well the weather gods didn’t seem to want to help us out at all yesterday. It definitely wasn’t as windy as the day before but the wind was still there and it was gusty rather than consistent. When we got to the venue we were all pretty excited to hit the big kicker finally but we soon found out it was a little sketchy with the wind.

I hit the big jump about 3 times and every time I would go to a different point of the landing because of the changing winds we were having. About half way through training a riders meeting was held to figure out what we were going to do. A few people felt fine hitting the big kicker but the majority felt it was too dangerous. I felt it was too dangerous and voted to have the competition on the smaller kicker. Not only did I not want to get hurt at the last event of the season, I didn’t want to see any of my friends send it and get hurt either. The decision was made and the event was run on the smaller kicker.

It definitely sucks that we couldn’t run the event on the iconic JOI kicker but at the end of the day I think it was the right decision. The event was the same format as qualifiers, with 1 tech, 1 single cork and then two more runs to try and better your scores.

I screwed up my first run, I took off a little early and completely missed my grab on a switch 10 mute. 2nd run I did a nose butter dub 12 and let go of my grab a little earlier than I would have liked. So basically I had to land my last two tricks.

On my 3rd jump I decided to go for the single cork, a switch 10 mute. I mentioned yesterday I planned on doing a switch 14, but during training for the event yesterday I ripped my ski off mid air again and it absolutely scared the crap out of me. You might be wondering why I didn’t turn my din setting up on my binding. Well, it was a fine line between ripping it off and having your din setting to high for the amount of slush that was on the landing. I was worried that if I crashed my ski wouldn’t release and that is never good news. Any way I ended up handing my 3rd run and I was given a 73. Not the highest but I knew the judges were looking for the switch 14!

On the 4th run I went for another tech trick and did the nose butter dub 12 again, this time with a safety to japan grab. I landed it and rode away stoked. I guess the judges really like the trick because I was given a 90.2, which I believe was 1 of 3 scores in the 90′s during the night.

Joss and I were stoked on how fun the competition was. Photo:

Yours truly mid nose butter dub 12

This is right after I landed the nose butter 12. Obviously I was stoked haha

Overall I am super stoked on how the event went. I wish I could have done the switch 1440 but I am glad I am healthy and feeling good! Last night marked the last event for me this season and the start of a few really long days of travel to get home.

Time to get some sleep as the travel starts tomorrow!


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