Well yesterday we made the best we could out of a bad situation. We geared up and made our way over to the jump not sure as to what was going to happen as the wind had been howling all day. We got to the jump and not much had changed, it was super windy and definitely too dangerous to hit the big jump. Jon had checked the forecast the day before and decided to reshape the cannon rail which was next to the kicker, into a smaller step over jump.

So we ran the competition on the smaller jump and it ended up working out pretty well. The jump itself was definitely not huge and kind of tricky to get used to. The format for the competition was 4 jumps, one had to be a single cork, one could be whatever you wanted to do and the other two jumps you could use to better the scores of which ever trick you pleased.

My two tricks were a dub 12 lead tail and a switch 10 mute. It put me in 14th position and qualified me through to today. On my last run of the evening I went for a switch 14 mute and pulled my ski off when I tweaked the grab. It was super scary and I am glad I made it out un hurt. Hopefully I can put that one down tonight!

The finals are kicking off soon and as off right now the wind is pretty minimal so maybe we will get to hit the big jump. Which is making me some what nervous because I haven’t hit it yet. Hopefully I can figure something out to do.

Mid dub 12 lead tail during the event. As you can see the step up is a LOT smaller than the actual jump. Photo: Tommy Pyatt

Cork 9 tail during training. Photo: Laura Mechielsen

Time to get ready,


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