Well since I have been in Europe, which has been a total of 3 days, the weather just hasn’t been cooperating at all. The first two days were just complete white outs on the mountain which made it near impossible to test the jumps. Yesterday, however, we did get slightly lucky and the sun was out for the morning and we were able to test the jumps.

The jumps are MASSIVE. There are 4 built and another two, I believe, are still being built as I type this. I only hit the first jump, which was also the first jump in the Prime Park sessions, only now its been built even bigger. I unfortunately came up short on the jump and decided to sit out the rest of the testing. I was completely fine but I knew I would wake up the next day pretty tight and sore, which is exactly what has happened.

Today is another down day here in Stubai, it’s terrible weather and it doesn’t look like we are going to cop much luck throughout the next 8 days that the shoot is scheduled to happen. It looks like Wednesday afternoon we might be able to do a little filming, then Thursday looks EPIC, then the weather is going to start cruising back in on Friday at some stage. Definitely not what I was imagining for a ”spring” (almost summer) park shoot, but in saying that, even if we only get one epic day, I’d be stoked because this is hands down one of the most creative park shoots I have ever attended and I can’t wait to see the madness that goes down!

Chilling after coming up short on the first jump in the right of this photo. Photo: Oscar Scherlin

Photo: Oscar Scherlin

This is one of the boys testing out the first jump. Not ideal conditions but it was the best we had and we needed to know if the jumps work before we cut them and start the shoot, especially since we have such a short weather window!

Since we haven’t been able to ski, we have been going to the Wubhalle, which is the indoor skatepark in Innsbruck. Even though we can’t ski which sucks, it feels pretty good to be able to use some energy!

Today I plan on looking after my body so it’s all good to go for when we start filming. My back is a little tight from the compression of coming up short but lucky for me I have my foam roller with me.

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