Hard work

Well this shoot as been a lot of hard work. We have had to deal with mother nature a lot more than we probably would have liked but everything is slowly working out. We have had a few sessions and definitely got some decent shots. The weather so far just hasn’t been good enough for some of the bigger tricks and bigger transfers, but it will all happen in time!

Right now the weather seems like it is going to be the best in the mornings, so I think some early mornings are on the cards in order to get shots. Hopefully it doesn’t get too cold over night causing the snow to freeze as that kind of defeats the purpose of a spring park shoot haha. Can’t wait to get up there over the next few days and try a few things out!

Starting the day off right. This is the weather we are greeted with every morning.

Fabio Studer jibbing the rainbow box

Getting the shot

Humans flying everywhere

Oscar chilling after the clouds rolled in and shut the shoot down

Fingers crossed mother nature decides to help us out because I really want to session this park,

Over and out,


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