0 to Hero

As most of you know, the season down under started off pretty pathetically, with next to no natural snow. Although Perisher did a fantastic job of getting runs open with snowmaking, it was still a pretty dismal sight when you’d look at the main ranges and realize you had a far better chance of getting down them on a mountain bike than on a pair of skis.

But all of that has changed with one storm cycle moving through the high country, which has been dubbed ”the Artic blast”, bring over 50cm of snow over several days.

Laura and I decided to try and ski and headed up the hill with Mikki, Brad and Matt to try and score some fresh snow and that we did. The snow that had fallen the night beforeĀ  we went up was light and dry and they had managed to open up new terrain all over the mountain. We spent the morning skiing at Leichart T-bar and we had a blast. We had the lift pretty much to ourselves until about 11am and we had found so many different fun lines to ride!

After shredding around Leichart all morning, we went for an early lunch and then spent the afternoon on Mt. Perisher before the stormed rolled back in which is expected to bring a lot more snow to the mountains in the coming days. We timed it perfect there as well because as we got to the lift, I guess everyone had gone into get some food for lunch and we once again had no lift lines!

I had an absolute blast ripping around yesterday and I can honestly say, it’s days like these that make me realize why I love skiing so much!

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