Back in the Park

While I was out shredding around the mountain having two super fun pow days, Perisher and the park crew were busy rebuilding the park into the craziest rail garden I have seen along with making the jump a solid 45 – 50ft. There are rails littered everywhere with so many lines to choose from it is ridiculous.

I’ve had 3 days in the park now and I can’t believe how fun it actually is. There are so many features in the park that you never know which line you are going to take. I’ve been getting to the bottom after every run with a huge smile on your face from pure excitement and stoke.

Today I’m having a well needed rest. The body is starting to get a little sore and tired from all the skiing I’ve done over the last week so I figure I needed it. I’m planning on playing some frolf, possibly a little skate, some stretching and I might even dip the legs in the lake to ice them.

Stay tuned,


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